Looking for a cheap flight? You might have stumbled across SmartFares and are curious about the company. With such controversial feedback from their customers, we decided to write this review to address some concerns and help clear up the water. Keep reading to learn more about the company, price comparisons, and if their travel deals are legit.

How SmartFares Works

This travel website is well-known for its inexpensive flights, but they also offer deals for car rentals, hotels, and even travel insurance. When you make a Smartfares reservation, you’re typically able to select everything as you would on a regular flight website (such as baggage, meals, and seats).

When you perform a search, they will show you a price, but they will also state that you can save even more by calling into their call center. They state you will receive a quote in under a minute with no call waiting time.

They also advertise a “low price guarantee” that states they will price-match if you find a lower rate than Smartfares within 24 hours of booking your flight. They also highlight free cancellation within 24 hours and constant live support. Their homepage shows a variety of coupons that can help you save even more. There is a Smartfares app available as well to help keep track of your flights and search for more deals.

Is SmartFares Really the Best Deal?

While SmartFares claims to be the cheapest source of flight tickets, this isn’t the case 100% of the time. However, they do have great deals and often times are the best deal! Plus, their low price guarantee helps ease your mind if you come across a better deal within 24 hours.

Although they display one price when you search on Smartfares, many people have received a better deal when calling into their phone line. When searching for a ticket, we always recommend browsing between all the flight websites available (CheapFlightAlerts makes it much easier to compare between many of the top companies). You’ll want to check Google Flights, Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak, and any others you trust.

What Are SmartFares Reviews Like?

Reviews vary between bad and good depending on the platform. For example, Trustpilot has great reviews with nearly 5 stars average and over 36,000 reviews. However, Sitejabber has a 1.5 star average with slightly under 100 reviews.

If you’re considering booking a ticket through the company, but haven’t looked through the many SmartFares reviews yet, we definitely recommend doing so. There are some great experiences and some negative experiences that can help you make your decision.

What are some complaints people had? For one, the company advertises free cancellation within 24 hours, but many people state they were required to pay a fee when canceling within this time period. Even small changes to your ticket could result in fines. In addition, some people complain about poor Smartfares customer service (which is surprising because they advertise spectacular service).

Others have complained about the company teasing you with low rates, then quoting you a much higher rate than they advertised (this complaint is common with similar travel companies such as JustAirTicket, ASAP Tickets, and others). That said, many others have received their deal without issue and were pleased to save money.

Tips for Purchasing

If you decide to purchase a cheap flight from Smartfares, there are some precautions to take. After booking, make sure to call the airline directly and verify your ticket went through (even if you receive a Smartfares booking confirmation). Some people have experienced trying to check-in for their flight and their ticket not being found. This is definitely a worst-case scenario, so it’s great to avoid this weeks or months before your trip.

In addition, make sure to check your details multiple times before you submit your order. If you make a typo or mistakingly input the wrong dates, it can be a costly fix.

Bottom Line: Is SmartFares a Legitimate Site?

Overall, SmartFares is definitely a legit site that offers great travel deals. Personally, we haven’t had any issues with scams from them. There are plenty of SmartFares reviews that claim they were scammed, while plenty of other people have had no issues with the company and received excellent deals. Luckily, if it does end up being a scam, you can typically get your money back by reaching out to their customer service or even complaining to your bank.

If you’re looking for a more reputable place to find cheap flights, check out CheapFlightAlerts – we email you when cheap flights are available to and from your desired destinations. We work with a number of travel sites including Fareboom, Bookingwiz, Priceline, and others to help you easily compare and find the best deals on the market.