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We search 24/7 to find the cheapest flight deals for you up to 90% off normal ticket price.

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Join Cheap Flight Alerts and choose your favorite departure airports and airlines you want to receive flight alerts for and let us know you want to travel.

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Our team across the globe search the best flight deals day and night including discounts, hidden offers and error fares. When we find something, we alert you via Facebook Messenger and/or email.

You follow the booking instructions and go on holiday!

We'll let you know how to get the deal, including total cost, and how long we think the deal will last. You book the deal and go on vacation. That's it.

Our Deals in the Last Week 🔥

Some of the hot deals we sent to our users in near past.

  • San Francisco to Bali $364
  • Atlanta to Lima $165
  • New York to Paris $260
  • New York to Canada $189
  • Los Angeles to Thailand $470

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Jonathan F.

Jonathan F.

Saved $1,500 in August

How could I not book this Business class flight to Barcelona for $542 roundtrip? Saved me over $1,500 on airfare! Absolutely an amazing deal, I did it, and I'm super excited. Your premium newsletter is awesome.

Jackie L.

Jackie L.

Saved $1,200 in March

I can't thank you enough! I have been watching fares to Sydney like a hawk for nearly 5 years and this is the absolute lowest I've even seen them. It's good to know that when you send fare alerts, they're the real deal!

Steve M.

Steve M.

Saved $850 in October

We booked a trip to Dublin, Ireland for later this year on a Cheap Flight Alerts fare alert :) I saved about $1,500 on four tickets for the family. We're so excited. Thanks so much for a great service and doing what your team does!

Who is behind this?

Cheap Flight Alerts is your only source for cheap flight deals, because we source our deals from all the greatest websites, blogs, newsletters and Twitter feeds, to deliver the latest and lowest airfares, both Domestic and International. And since our service allows you to customize when and where you want to fly, you receive relevant deals 100% of the time. Try us out today!

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