Visit Sillustani


Sillustani is a pre-Inca graveyard on the shores of Lake Umayo close to Puno, Peru. At the point when you show up at the site, you'll see that it is a landmass encircled by water.

The pinnacle-like designs on the level are pre-Inca burial chambers. History books say they were simply worked to cover honorable individuals yet there are no burial chambers found for ordinary individuals so imagining that this site was only for the ministers and authorities is bogus.

There are 30 pre-Inca and Incan burial chambers called chullpas. The chullpas are round structures since it addresses the image of timeless life. Since the burial places range in different sizes from 2 meters to 12 meters, they accept that the burial place level and size address societal position.

You can perceive which ones are pre-Inca and Incan given the complexity. The pre-Incan burial places are constructed all the more freely and the Incan burial chambers are taller and more melded. Every one of the burial chambers point toward the East - a conviction that every day the sun was reawakened by Mother Earth.

I could happen about this lovely old cover site yet I'll save you the set of experiences example. This is most certainly quite possibly the best thing to do in Puno. Attempt to book a visit to Sillustani in the early evening so you can get nightfall on the promontory which offers exceptional, all-encompassing perspectives.



One more site made out of chullpas is Cutimbo. The chullpas come in both square and round shapes dissimilar to Sillustani which are round.

Cumbo is a sensational site that sits on a table-bested volcanic slope encompassed by fields. The situation on a volcanic slope makes this site exceptionally remote. This is both very alluring and riskier to autonomously visit.

I flourish off of visiting places freely however have perused a few places that Cutimbo can be a risky spot for free voyagers, particularly solo female explorers. Individuals are known to take cover behind rocks at the highest point of the path. What should be done in Puno is presumably best visited on a visit.

Drifting Uros Islands

Uros Islands

I'm certain you've seen the photos of the drifting reed islands of Lake Titicaca. These are the Uros Islands and perhaps the most famous thing to do in Puno.

There are around 100 small islands that are misleadingly made from totora reeds. Not exclusively are the actual islands made from these reeds, but the houses, boats, and furniture are as well. Every island even has its leader. It's intriguing and difficult to envision what day-to-day existence resembles on the islands.

You can visit these islands all alone, a ship runs every day from the port in Puno to the Uros Islands or you can encounter the Uros drifting islands on a visit. The Uros Islands can undoubtedly be matched with a visit to the island of Taquile as well as the island of Amantani on the off chance that you are in a rush while going through Peru.

Homestay on Amantani Island

Amantani Island

If you are searching for a valid involvement with Peru, I encourage you to go for a homestay on the island of Amantani. This was perhaps the best experience I had during my two months of going through Peru.

Situated on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island is around a 4-hour ship ride from Puno. 10 networks live on the island, about 3,000 individuals. Islanders communicate in Quechua, yet their way of life is all the more vigorously affected by the Aymara.

There are handfuls and many visit administrators in Puno offering Lake Titicaca homestays. Tragically a great deal of them has a terrible standing of not paying the neighborhood families and fundamentally dropping you off and saying, 'see ya tomorrow first thing.'

On the off chance that you are keen on a homestay book with Always Travel. They offer more modest directed gatherings and practice moral and mindful travel. We paid cash straightforwardly to the families the morning after our visit.

I will not carefully describe the situation however assuming that you're intrigued, You can peruse my full insight of a credible Lake Titicaca Homestay here. Even better, watch our Amantani Island Homestay video blog.

Climb up to Pachamama and Pachatata

Pachamama and Pachatata

Assuming you've perused any of my Peru travel guides, you'll realize that climbing is generally on the agenda. Amantani Island was no special case. Put on your boots and fix your bands to make the hour journey up to Pachamama and Pachatata, the most elevated tops on Amantani Island.

Both are sanctuaries, Pachamama addressing Mother Earth and Pachatata honoring Father Earth. Make a point to partake in what should be done in Puno at nightfall for unbelievable perspectives.

Travel Tip: Don't endeavor what should be done in Puno without adjusting first. Anticipate putting in a couple of days in Arequipa or Cusco first or relax the several days around.

Taquile Island

Taquile Island

Taquile island is the more modest island close to Amantani. This is best visited on a coordinated road trip however assuming that you have the additional time it's feasible to autonomously visit. The island comprises 6 networks adding up to around 2500 individuals. Similarly, as with Amantani, the islanders additionally communicate in Quechua.

You won't find a lot on this island yet straightforward life as they don't acknowledge private organizations like inns and such. They don't for even a moment have numerous creatures, no llamas, alpacas, ponies, not even felines or canines. Also, failing to remember vehicles or bikes, Taquile is a genuinely basic life continuous from modernization.

Everybody on the island is either a rancher or a weaver, where it is the means task to wind around. Similarly, as with Amantani, a famous method for encountering the island is by remaining with a family to get a little look into the neighborhood lifestyle. You can look at the full touring video blog on the island of Taquile here.

Take The Train From Cusco to Puno

On the off chance that you love to go in style, you'll adore the Peru Rail train that takes you from Cusco to Puno. This selective train ride goes through flawless scenes including streams and delightful mountain tops.

The whole excursion endures 10-11 hours where you can partake in the perspectives from the perception vehicle, taste pisco harsh from the bar vehicle, or have a connoisseur dinner from the eating vehicle. Warm up with tea as you watch Andean craftsmen perform live by showing you the average moves and music of Puno and Cusco. There could be no greater method for getting from Cusco to Puno.

Eat Quinoa Soup

Peruvians in the Lake Titicaca Basin of the Andes are for the most part veggie lovers and just eat meat at exceptional events like weddings. Quinoa is the primary wellspring of protein in the Puno region. One of my #1 activities in Puno was to partake in a warm bowl of quinoa soup.

Every eatery has its special fixing and each of the soups will taste somewhat unique. We ventured out to Puno in the shoulder time of May and Puno was cold! A lot colder than Cusco. Eating quinoa soup won't just taste great yet warm you up too.

Investigate The City Center and Main Plaza

The principal court is a clamoring region and one of the significant places of interest in Puno. Most inns are found near the square which makes it simple and advantageous to meander around. At the square, you can visit a few significant landmarks and structures like the basilica, the Balcony of the Count de Lemos, and exhibition halls.

This is an incredible spot to unwind and individuals watch. I for one adored sitting on the steps paving the way to the church building. Youngsters were playing and continued to go through the group of pigeons that were biting on bird seed.

Main Street through the downtown area of Cusco which runs past the principal court is brimming with spots to eat, clothing shops, and visit administrators. You can undoubtedly put in a couple of hours pondering around the area and eating new wood broiler terminated pizza from one of the numerous eateries.

Kayak Around Lake Titicaca

On the off chance that you are searching for a little experience in nature, take a kayaking visit to Lake Titicaca. On this visit, you'll get to know nearby Aymara and Quechua cultures and experience their interesting approach to everyday life.

As well as, find out about the totora reeds that the Uros Islands are made from as you paddle through the area. Visits are matched with lunch and a homestay on the off chance that you're truly feeling bold.

Where to Stay in Puno, Peru

There are heaps of choices while picking where to remain in Puno and all are quite kind with the financial plan. We remained at the Pukara House and it was around $20 every evening. It had all that we could need. Free breakfast, a hot shower, not terrible, but not great either wifi and a warmer. Having a warmer in the room was a unique advantage and very vital. It was so cold in Puno and most places don't have heat so be cautioned.

Here are a few other extraordinary spots to remain in Puno.

Casa Panqarani - Charming informal lodging around a brief leave the fundamental square.

Mosoq Inn - Modern inn outfitted with 15 rooms and agreeable beds.

Casa Andina Premium Puno - If you have any desire to style out, this Puno inn is on the edges of town and offers all-encompassing perspectives on the lake or mountains. There's even a footpath onto the lake with a drifting reed stage toward its finish.

Step-by-step instructions to Get to Puno, Peru

There are four fundamental ways of getting to Puno, via air, by transport, via train, or by vehicle. If you are making a trip from Cusco to Puno look at this itemized post and a sightseeing video blog of our experience.

Air: The closest air terminal is in Juliaca which is about an hour away. If you are flying into Puno check with your inn as most can book you a van for around 20 soles.

Bus: The terminal earthly is the fundamental bus stop that the significant distance transports will leave and enter from. Transports leave from Cusco and Arequipa consistently. We've attempted a few transport organizations in Peru, some better than others.

We had sleeper seats on Transzela en route to Puno from Cusco and it just expenses 40 soles for each individual. Cruz del Sur is one of the greatest transport organizations that have sumptuous sleeper seats. This likewise makes ticket costs a smidgen more costly so on the off chance that you are going on a tight spending plan, your smartest option is to book one face-to-face at the station.

Train: As referenced as one of the amazing activities in Puno, the Andean Explorer is the fanciest method for getting to Puno from Cusco.

Car: If spending plan isn't an issue you can employ a confidential vehicle to get to Puno. It will cost somewhere in the range of $200 and up.

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