JustAirTicket is an online travel agency that offers excellent deals on airfare worldwide. Unfortunately, you might get what you pay for with this company. With all of the negative JustAirTicket reviews and complaints (plus the fake reviews), we decided to share our own thoughts.

How Does It Work?

This online travel agent company offers cheap flight deals for hundreds of countries around the world. On their homepage, you’ll find a search bar to enter your travel dates and find flight deals. You can search for international flights as well as domestic flights. They also have a section to the right for daily deals that you need to call to book (or enter your phone number and request they call you).

JustAirTicket Reviews

Their webpage also showcases their reviews on sites like FeeFo, Digicert, Trustpilot, and ARC on the homepage. However, these nearly 5-star average reviews don’t match up with other customer experiences that we’ll talk more about below.

Booking a Ticket

When you perform a search, it will show you three available JustAirTicket flights with full details including prices, airline, time, layovers, and flight length. You don’t need to call to purchase your ticket, simply book online. At checkout, you can add flight protection for around $20 extra. This covers cancellation, baggage delays, etc.

There is also an optional premium support package for $19 extra. With this, you receive free cancellation within 24 hours (instead of 2) as well as “faster” response times from customer support. You also receive fare drop protection, free rebooking, and a few other small perks. Finally, they offer seat requests (window or aisle) for $14 extra.

Unlike many similar websites, you can book your fare completely online. You do have to call in order to get their “special” deal of the day or week. However, most people who book online have experienced the company calling them after they booked (and after the 2 hour free cancellation period is up) to let them know the price they booked at is no longer available. Then, they will upsell them.

How To Access JustAirTicket Check In

Since you’re going through a middleman, you might wonder how to access your flight details to check in, request a meal, etc. They do have a page on their website that allows you to enter your booking information (reference number and the last 4 digits of your credit card) to see flight details.

Here, you can see your itinerary, check in, and more.

Investigating JustAirTicket Reviews

While their overall star ratings and reviews are seemingly good, you can tell that many of them are fake. There are multiple reviews that are structured exactly the same and say something along the lines of “Andy was very helpful.” From researching many similar websites, we’ve realized all of these reviews sound the same and must be fake.

They either write the reviews themselves or offer incentives for people to post them.

Real Customer Feedback

When we could pinpoint real JustAirTicket customer reviews, they weren’t all that great. Many people had negative experiences where the company was very unhelpful and rude. Some even experienced reaching the airport and being denied their ticket, then they have to spend $1000+ to book a new ticket at the airport.

You can see these experiences on Facebook, BBB, and throughout TrustPilot.

With thousands of dollars on the line, it might not be worth the risk to trust this company.

Cancellation & Refunds

The JustAirTicket cancellation policy isn’t great. They only offer free cancellations within 2 hours, then you will incur hefty fees if you need to cancel. These fees range anywhere from $100–$350. This goes for flight changes as well – you will be charged hundreds of dollars in fees, plus the fare difference.

There is the $19 customer service upgrade package, but this only gives you a 24 hour free cancellation window rather than 2 hours.


If you don’t want to take the risk with JustAirTicket, there are plenty of other travel sites to find cheap airfare. Although you might not get the crazy cheap flight prices you find on JustAirTicket, it’s very possible you will avoid a negative experience and perhaps save money you might have lost.

A few options include CheapFlightAlerts, Google Flights, SkyScanner, Skiplagged, etc. We recommend checking multiple sites to ensure you can find the lowest deal (some offer different details) and subscribe to notification websites that will send you daily deals.

CheapFlightAlerts is a unique service that sends you daily email notifications about the cheapest flights and best deals. This way, you don’t have to spend hours every day searching for the best deals – they come right to your inbox.

Overall, Is JustAirTicket a Scam?

We wouldn’t say it’s 100% a scam because some people have good experiences and receive the flight they ordered. However, the company does seem to have shady business practices and poor customer service. There have been many circumstances where they take money, don’t respond to the customer, request copies of their ID, and other unprofessional events.

Plus, much of their feedback on TrustPilot and other review websites are fake. With all of these negative JustAirTicket reviews, we would avoid the service despite the number of cheap flights they offer.