Fareboom 2019 Review

Fareboom.com is a flight search for booking airline tickets that markets itself as the “Best Travel Store” with “Real Deals” that are “Quick and Easy”. Does it live it up the hype? Let’s find out!

How Does Fareboom Work?

Fareboom.com is a 3rd party website for booking domestic and international flights. After putting in some quick information, including: your starting location, your destination, the number of passengers and the flight class (economy, business class etc), you are given a list of available cheap airline tickets. The website is quite user-friendly, with language translations of English, Spanish and Slovenian. Currency can also be changed to reflect prices in seven different international currencies.

Here’s what comes up if you search flights from Atlanta to Portugal for two adults and two children, flying economy class in August:

Fareboom Search results for Altanta to Porto

Fareboom helps you save money by suggesting alternative travel dates that are cheaper. On this page, you also get a pop-up that offers the chance to sign up for Price Drop Alerts.

Clicking on a particular flight will give you details on what’s included, such as how many checked bags and whether meals or wifi come at an extra cost:

Fareboom Flight Details Review

If you’d rather see flexible rates from the start, use Fareboom’s Flex Search. This is a nice feature that gives you a chance to search and compare deals on flights:

Is Fareboom Reliable?

Fareboom offers free 24-hour cancellations if you make a mistake while booking flights through their site. Be aware, this means you can cancel 24 hours after booking, not 24 hours prior to departure. It’s also important to note that the cancellation policy only applies to reservations issued within the United States. If you’re departing from outside of the US the rules may be different.

Fareboom is a travel site with some longevity behind it. It has been around for 18 years and has an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau. Over 1300 reviewers on TrustPilot.com give it an Excellent Score with an average rating of 5/5 stars.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I saved $300 per person for 6 people over any other site. I am ecstatic.”

“... their customer service is indeed very personalized and there was a human at the end of the communication line”

Happy customers frequently note the specific customer service representative who helped handle their issues by name, showcasing that an impactful exchange was had. One individual described a very personalized customer service story-- The traveler needed extra time to get around due to some difficulty walking. An agent at Fareboom assisted her to book travel with longer layover time so she wouldn’t feel rushed on her journey.

Whether it was an issue with booking an infant flight or technical difficulties while using the website, Fareboom allows you connect with a live agent to help remedy the issue. They speak nine different languages, including: English, Spanish, Croatian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Arabic and Italian. Customer service is available by phone during business hours and for a short day on Saturday. Email customer service is available 24/7.

Negative Reviews:

Fareboom doesn’t have too many negative reviews, but some reviewers stated that they had trouble locating where to purchase travel insurance for flights. Although many reviewers noted a quick turnaround on customer service issues, one reviewer said they had to wait on hold for over ten minutes when calling in to speak with someone.

Can You Really Find Good Deals?

Fareboom compares their prices to the price of the airline or major airline booking sites. Some of the deals are better than others, but it’s easy to see upfront what you’re getting:

![Fareboom Booking Page](4 https://d3pc5ee2i25q60.cloudfront.net/posts/4250aec3-0e9b-4b71-a252-842e39323507.png)

In this example, one of the flight options is over $1300 in savings for four people going from Atlanta to Portugal. As always with travel, if you can be flexible on the specific dates that you leave or the amount of layovers you have, the price can vary tremendously. Fareboom puts this information in clear view so you can see your options laid out and make a decision to get the best deal.

Fareboom Advisor

If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, Fareboom offers stories from real travelers to help inspire your next trip:

Fareboom Advisro

Here, you can find ideas of where to go, expert advice with answers to common travel questions and “Real Deals” available for purchase. Most of the deals listed in Real Deals include taxes and fees, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Clicking on Real Deals will pull up the option advertised and allow you further customize it. This is a great option if you know you you’d like to take a trip but don’t have a specific plan on where to go yet:

Fareboom Book Now


With expert advice and up-to-date deals, Fareboom is useful both for travelers who already know the details of where and when they want to travel to those just browsing the net for a budget vacation. Booking is easy, with clear options and details presented in an easy-to-read format with no hidden stipulations.

Depending on the particular day, you may have to wait on hold for a while when calling in for customer service assistance. However, most reviewers seem very satisfied with the customer service at Fareboom, mainly due to the fact that they were connected with a live person rather than a recording. Agents went above and beyond in many cases, tailoring services and providing more help than airline customer service. Additionally, the agents are Fareboom did not appear to be outsourced agents with poor English skills. One of the bragging points marketed on their site is “US based customer service”.

Overall, Fareboom.com appears to be an excellent and trustworthy resource for finding flight tickets. Savings are easy to identify upfront and extra cost saving tips are available as you plan you plan your trip. If you need extra help with your particular booking, you can trust that customer service will follow-up with you and work to resolve any issues. If you don’t want to risk waiting on the phone, you can always email customer service and expect and friendly and useful response in a timely manner. Between the longevity of the business and the overall positive ratings, Fareboom is a safe bet for cheap flights.