When you first sign up for Cheap Flight Alerts, you’re asked to subscribe to one or two airports. We recommend you add the closest airport but also add a second airport that would be considered the closest large International airport (e.g. ATL, PHL, LAX, SFO or IAD).

Once you set up your Membership: Selecting Limited Free Membership or Premium Membership, you’ll start receiving flight deals from those specific airports straight to the inbox of the email you entered when signing up.

Let’s first start with the basics.

My Account

  • Profile Details will include your name, phone number and email address.
  • Notification Settings allows you to turn on and off email alerts and our tips and recommendations via email. Our Premium membership allows uses to receive deals via SMS.
  • Change Password allows you to change your password directly from your Account dashboard
  • Flight Preferences is one of the most important areas in your Account dashboard. Here you can add or change up to (2) airports as a Limited Free Member and Add or Change Destination Airports. Please note, you can also select entire countries in case you want to see all flight deals to a Country and all its Airports. Sending only Business Class and Non Stop flights are two other filter options available to Limited Free Members . But one of the best features of Cheap Flight Alerts is your ability to customize when and how often you receive deals (e.g. receive Every other Day at 9AM when you’re getting to work).

My Deals

  • My Deals section allows you to look back at all the deals we’ve sent you. You have two options. One, you can visit the deals page, where we provide full details about the deal like, which airlines, what days have the cheapest fare and How to Book. Simply click on Preview. If you’re ready to Book, Click on Book Now and we’ll direct you to our Magic page, what we like to call it. Read more below about this page

Invite Friends

Upgrade to Premium

Upgrading to Premium pays for itself 4 times over with only 1 flight booking. We know its a big commitment and you maybe wondering if it’s really worth it. Read below to see why we completely understand your concerns and have designed our Premium Membership to work for you - and for whatever reason it does not (which we highly doubt), you can cancel and receive a refund, no questions.

  • Get access to 100% of flight deals we find from your selected airports
  • Emailed first, before Limited Free Members
  • Mistake Fares (Over 60% OFF)
  • Hawaii/Alaska Deals
  • Rare Domestic Flight Deals
  • Peak/Holiday Season Deals
  • No ads
  • $49 billed yearly ($4/month)
  • 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee
  • Renews automatically
  • Cancel anytime

Compare Flight Deals with up to 7 OTAs

One of the major differences and advantages of Cheap Flight Alerts from other competing sites like Scotts Cheap Flights or Airfarewatchdog is our unique flight search capabilities. Most of the companies offer you a link to Google Flights or Momondo, which we discuss in detail in our blog, and we highly recommend them to guarantee you are getting the best deal, but we go beyond that. Our Compare deals pages search sites like Expedia, CheapFlights.com Priceline but also small OTAs that offer crazy deals, to earn your business. Review the up to 7 searches done for you (we automatically enter in the cheapest departure and return dates). Click on the one that is offering the best deal. Then you can change the dates and see if you can find the dates you need at the same deal price. This isn’t 100% guaranteed, keep in mind, but you should get something pretty close even when you change the dates but stay within our recommended Travel Dates listed on the deals page.