The great thing about being a free member is you receive deals to places all over the world. Once you see a flight deal that’s 40-60% off its normal fare, the next thing most of you do is check out either our travel resource and guides or another trusted site like to learn more about the destination.

One thing first, before I go into how to filter to get customized flight deals. Our travel resources and guides is an incredible free tool for you. We take a tremendous amount of time to research each destination we send deals for, because a lot of times our members are not familiar with these places. But many of our members have visited and have a wealth of knowledge to share. So we’ve created a very easy way for members who wish to share, tips, tricks, guides, etc on places they’ve visited, to help you! Plus, our dedicated staff have done their fare share of traveling as well, and will bring in a ton of research and their own personal experiences to create a massive information source for amazing places around world.

OK, let’s get into how to set filters to customize the deals you receive.

1. Add Destinations

This filter allows you to select specific cities/airports you wish to visit in the future and thus receive deals to those destinations only. Please note, you must be a Premium Member and you can easily upgrade here. Once you do that, follow these steps.

Step 1: Log into your account and click on the icon to the upper right

Step 2: Click on Customize Flight Alerts

Step 3: Type in where you want to receive flight deals in the Destination Airports field. For example, Paris or London or Tokyo. Add as many as you’d like or only add one. If you want to keep receiving all the deals, leave this blank.

**2. Travel Dates: ** In the event that you need to fly during a specific month or months or even weeks, you can add a start date and end date to filter out deals that do not fall within your required travel times. To do this, again you eeed to be a premium member, but once you are, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log into your account and click the icon in the upper right

Step 2: Click on Customize Flight Alerts

Step 3: Click on Start Date and select a date from the calendar you want to fly. Then an End Date. For instance I want to only see deals for the month of June and July, so I would select June 1 - July 31 of this year.

You can add multiple time frames as well. So for example, I also want to file in October this year, so I would select Oct 1 - Oct 30 as my select Start and End dates.

Now you will receive only deals that require you to fly during those months.

That is pretty much all it takes to customize and filter your cheap flight deals. If you have any questions or feedback or think there should be more filters you want to see added, just let us know