Numerous voyagers spend significantly longer than one day in Cusco. The cobbled roads are essentially spilling over with extraordinary things to see, do and encounter. You can undoubtedly go through weeks here, yet for the people whom are in a rush, here are probably the best activities with one day in Cusco.

1. Plaza de Armas, Cusco

Plaza de Armas

With only one day in Cusco, quite possibly the best thing to do is visit the Plaza de Armas. This top vacation destination lies in the core of Cusco. Home to the Cathedral Basilica and the Church La Compañía de Jesús, the Plaza de Armas is a notable image of the strong Incan Empire.Today the Plaza has a wide assortment of cafés offering both global and conventional Peruvian food. From there, you can track down everything from conventional cuy and alpaca steaks, to pizza, the whole way to connoisseur burgers, and in the middle between.

2. San Pedro Market

San Pedro Market

On the off chance that you are searching for something uniquely remarkable as a gift for somebody, then, at that point, think about strolling down to San Pedro Market. Albeit not excessively far from the Plaza de Armas, the San Pedro Market is a different encounter.

The thick smell of flavors and food consumes the space and brings you into the market. Albeit an outing here can take up an entire evening, the time spent investigating the market is certainly worth the visit.

You can find everything from food to alpaca covers, new squeezes, packs of natural products, sandwiches, like heaps of knickknacks to take as a gift or keepsakes back home.

3. Coricancha, Temple of the Sun

sun sanctuary

A visit to Coricancha, also called "sun sanctuary", will offer you perhaps the most intriguing sight with regards to Cusco. Coricancha was once an extravagant Incan sanctuary that was fixed with silver and gold. Curiously, as the Inca never had a composed language there is no right spelling. Acknowledged spellings incorporate Coricancha, Koricancha, and Quaricancha.

At the point when the Spanish came, they desolated the sanctuary of its wealth and obliterated it, constructing a congregation on top of its vestiges. The glaring difference between the Incan sanctuary and the congregation establishments draws guests from all and is quite possibly the best thing to do and see with one day in Cusco.

4. The Cusco Planetarium

The Cusco Planetarium

If you are keen on space and like historical centers, coming by Cusco Planetarium is something extraordinary to do assuming you just have one day in Cusco.

Soothsaying assumed a major part in the existence of the old Inca. Besides the fact that they formulated a schedule to harmonize with solstices, however, soothsaying impacted their services and, surprisingly, their design, instances of this should be visible all over Cusco.

At the planetarium, you'll look further into the set of experiences among soothsaying and the Inca. What's more, you'll likewise have one of the most astonishing perspectives on the stars thanks to Cusco's high rise.

5. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Even though your time might be restricted, quite possibly the best thing to do in Cusco is unquestionably, to go to Machu Picchu. Cusco, frequently called the "entryway" to Machu Picchu, is the ideal beginning stage and there are various day visits accessible.

Machu Picchu is quite possibly the best thing to do in Cusco with one day, your day will be energizing and certainly worth the journey. Your visit begins promptly toward the beginning of the day; be that as it may, you can expect an entire day of the stunning landscape during your excursion.

6. Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain

Administrator Rainbow Mountain Travels offers visits to see the delightful Rainbow Mountain. The well-known objective is found only three and a half hours beyond Cusco.

The shocking rainbow-shaded dregs have enraptured guests since its revelation. Picture takers from everywhere over the world visit Vinicunca, Rainbow Mountain, every year to catch pictures of the astonishing scene.

If you're left with only one day in Cusco, utilizing your main day to require a road trip to Rainbow Mountain won't dishearten.

7. Sacsayhuamán


One of the most amazing spots to visit and activities is going by the old Incan fort Sacsayhuamán. This huge design of remnants was once a strong fort yet was obliterated by the attacking Spaniards.

The huge stones that survive from the fortification walls give a brief look at the massiveness of the old design. Rich with history, strolling through the remnants is an extraordinary method for seeing the impacting universes of the Inca and the Spanish.

8. San Blas

San Blas

Frequently called the bohemian or craftsman area, the San Blas locale is loaded with old-world appeal. The region is fixed with interesting shops and structures with shocking designs.

The region is just a little stroll from the Plaza de Armas, so it's perfect for investing energy in the city if you just make some short memories to visit. You'll track down little shops and displays that line the roads. You can likewise track down various gifts and keepsakes, and the item quality is marginally higher than those in the Plaza de Armas.

Advance up the slope to San Blas Plaza, where you'll have the option to appreciate more delightful food and shopping. A walk around the area is certainly quite possibly the best thing to do in Cusco in one day.

9. Wild Rover Cusco

Wild Rover Cusco

On the off chance that you are searching for a great evening to remember, look no farther than Wild Rover. The famous party spot is situated on the slope of Cusco and is known as the spot to go for a great time frame and an inconceivable view.

As perhaps the best bar in Cusco, the bar is known to get wild and is an extraordinary spot to get a buzz rolling before going out to one of Cusco's numerous mind-blowing clubs.

10. Inca Museum

Inca Museum

Museo de Arte Precolombino or, the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, is found in the San Blas District and is something extraordinary to do in Cusco. In one day, you'll have a sizable amount of chance to investigate the many shows in plain view.

The broad assortment of craftsmanship envelops the period of 1250 BC to 1532 AD. As one of the most amazing assortments of its sort, it merits an opportunity to pause and see the dazzling displays.


Having the option to spend up to 14 days unwinding and investigating in Cusco would genuinely stun. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you just have one day in Cusco, you have a lot of choices for great exercises and visits that you can do. While there are few exercises that expect you to have transportation, there might be an answer.

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