Arequipa, Peru's second biggest city, is home to walk capable cobblestone roads fixed with vases, clamoring squares, and unimaginable volcanic scene sees. Value the shocking structures made with the mark sillar volcanic stone, which provide the city with its moniker of the "white city." Arequipa is the doorway to the notorious Colca Canyon; nonetheless, there are countless marvelous activities in Arequipa for each kind of voyager.

The Historic Center of Arequipa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with an extraordinary combination of Inca culture and a constrained impact from the Spanish Conquistadors. Quite possibly the best thing to do in Arequipa is to find the secret fortunes in the city's many locales, neighborhoods, and even tambos, resting focuses for Inca couriers knowns as Chaskis.

The top Arequipa attractions include: the enchanting Santa Catalina Monastery, flaunting brilliant varieties and a dim past, an ice lady forfeited in a well of lava, and enthusiastic courts and markets. We should not disregard that Arequipa is a foodie objective with its run-of-the-mill cooking and grandstands north of 500 local dishes.

Arequipa is the doorway to the World's second most profound Canyon, the Colca Canyon. Kindly DON'T just avoid past Arequipa, an unbelievable Peruvian city with such a lot of history and excellence.

Here are more than 20 of the best activities in Arequipa Peru and top Arequipa Day Trips.

1. Plaza de Armas Arequipa

Plaza de Armas Arequipa

The Plaza de Armas of Arequipa is the family room and primary square in the clamoring city. There's no way you can beat this. The Arequipa Plaza de Armas is home to wonderful sillar structures, overwhelmed by powerful Volcanoes, and grandstands of the noteworthy Arequipa Basilica Cathedral.

Truth be told, the Arequipa Plaza de Armas is frequently named the "most lovely Plaza in Peru."

2. Colorful Santa Catalina Monastery

Colorful Santa Catalina Monastery

The most notorious site in Arequipa is the Santa Catalina Monastery. This community of nuns in Arequipa has been present starting around 1579, however, at long last opened its entryways for guests in 1970. Stroll around the impeccably manicured yards and splendidly shaded roads. Visiting this religious community resembles investigating a scaled-down city inside a city. Do you recognize the road signs?

There are different patios sprinkled with red, blue, and white paint. It's not difficult to go through hours simply absorbing the flawless nurseries, sees, and workmanship in one of the top Arequipa attractions.

Albeit the Santa Catalina Monastery is quite possibly of the most well-known thing to do in Arequipa, it is costly in contrast with other Peru vacationer locations. Nonetheless, it merits visiting the Monastery to comprehend the set of experiences and jobs of the Spanish Conquistadors on the Inca culture.

History of Santa Catalina Monastery

An intriguing goody about the cloister is that it was worked for the Spanish by the Inca workforce. A typical topic will be referenced and can genuinely be seen throughout the whole city of Arequipa Peru.

These nuns of Santa Catalina Monastery (or their families) paid enormous expenses to carry on with their life committed to God in isolation. Thinking back to the 1580s, the point at which the religious community first opened, families, paid 2,000 gold and 2,000 silver coins for their most memorable girl to join the cloister. Today, that measure of cash is likeness $150,000!

These nuns additionally had workers, the Incas, constrained despite their desire to the contrary to surrender their customary convictions and customs and embrace the Catholic confidence. The religious community is extraordinarily lovely, yet it is vital to recall the establishment it was based upon.


  • Arrive ahead of schedule to keep away from enormous groups and walk the beautiful roads in isolation.
  • An aside isn't required as there are data sheets and a leaflet. There are such countless visits that hearing a few facts is simple. Be that as it may, assuming you adjust your perspective, buy an aide on location.
  • There is a pivoting gallery that is FREE yet additionally associated with the religious community, so on the off chance that you decide not to visit, try to look in and get looks at one of the yards and see the turning craftsmanship.

3. Join the Arequipa Free Walking Tour

Mirador de Yanahuara

Quite possibly the best thing to do motel Arequipa Peru is to join a free strolling visit. Free Walking Tour Arequipa helpfully offers a day-to-day visit. Visit a couple of the tambos, San Lázaro area, come by Alpaca World (Mundo Alpaca) to see every one of the llamas, alpacas, and camelid types of the Andes. The fantastic finale of the visit is the unbelievable perspective, Mirador de Yanahuara.

The aides are extraordinarily proficient about the Inca and Pre-Inca history and legit about the Spanish overcomes. The strolling visit is intuitive, and there is a great deal of data jam-pressed into two hours. With an extraordinary equilibrium of history, present-day realities, eccentric goodies, and suggestions for fun activities in Arequipa, Free Walking Tour Arequipa is the best free strolling visit accessible in Arequipa.

4. Notice Juanita "The Ice Maiden" at Museo Santuarios Andinos

Museo Santuarios Andinos

On the off chance that searching for something somewhat unique, visit Juanita, who is likewise alluded to as "The Ice Maiden." She is a mummy frozen in time that should be visible at the Museo Santuarios Andinos (MUSA).

This little gallery to a great extent centers around the subject of human penances, and Juanita was just a small kid of around 12-14 when she was forfeited by the Incas to their furious mountain Gods. The mountain Gods showed their anger by ejecting very high. Indeed, she was tossed into the profundities of a close by Arequipa spring of gushing lava.

At the point when she was viewed in 1992, Juanita was flawlessly safeguarded, including her hair and nails. The cold temperatures of the fountain of liquid magma she was forfeited to now assist with recounting her story.

Juanita has been protected for very nearly 500 years, and seeing her toward the finish of the Museo Santuarios Andinos is stunning no doubt. Her little size is a ruthless indication of how youthful she was at the point at which she died of her life to the Gods.

Juanita is presently enveloped with a cover, so her hands are covered, however, there were a lot of nitty-gritty pictures holding tight to the wall close to her. She is resting in a cooler, so there can be blended feelings while seeing her.

Her story is in plain view for many sightseers who stroll through the entryway every day to offer their appreciation and see more about the Inca custom of human penance.

More than Juanita at the Museo Santuarios Andinos

The exhibition hall has bunches of fascinating relics and many enlightening sheets in English. It is "expected" to take an aide through the historical center, and a tip of 5 soles is normal toward the end for the aide. The MUSA visits are in English and Spanish.

I strolled through MUSA autonomously and found the historical center simple to explore; in any case, I missed the useful video about the genuine revelation of Juanita, the Ice Maiden.

The Museo Santuarios Andinos is one of the more remarkable activities in Arequipa.

5. Yanahuara District of Arequipa

Arequipa is comprised of heaps of regions which are then loaded up with little barrios, or neighborhoods. Significantly littler are the tambos or more modest groups of homes.

Most vacationers go directly to the Historical Center of Arequipa and understandably. Practically the primary Arequipa attractions can be all tracked down in this consolidated region, yet there are a couple of elective Arequipa Districts to visit.

The Yanahuara locale is a genuine pleasure and should visit on an Arequipa schedule. Find charming cobblestone roads that appear to move the people who meander them to the famous white towns in Spain. The Plaza de Yanahuara is wonderful and flaunts the Yanahuara Viewpoint.

Mirador de Yanahuara

Mirador de Yanahuara

Mirador de Yanahuara is a fantastic and free spot to watch the nightfall. The perspectives on the volcanoes are staggering on a crisp morning. This charming perspective has a wonderful park, a fascinating church, and breathtaking perspectives on one of Arequipa's shot volcanoes. El Misti Volcano appears to sit entirely in the sillar engraved curves.

6. Try not to Skip Cayma District

A most loved region of local people is the Cayma District, with its serene energy and quiet court. Try not to botch a chance to meander the Plaza de Cayma, come by the congregation, and eat at neighborhood food joints.

Cayman is supposed to be the origin of conventional Peruvian Adobo stew (pork dish), so snatching a bowl is a must while visiting Arequipa.

7. Meander the Charming Streets of Arequipa

Streets of Arequipa

One of the very best activities in Arequipa is to get lost on the little winding beautiful roads or investigate the plenty of little yards in of the sillar block chapels. Arequipa Peru is a lovely city that merits time to investigate the secret niches in general and crevices.

8. Go for a Walk in San Lorenzo Neighborhood

Going for a walk in the San Lázaro neighborhood with definitely no ability to know east from the west might be quite possibly the best thing to do in Arequipa Peru. The barrio of San Lázaro is a bohemian gem of the city and is cozily concealed a couple of blocks from the clamoring Plaza De Armas Arequipa.

While Arequipa touring, visit the barrio of San Lázaro square that features beguiling bistros, and on a sunny morning, gives crushing perspectives on the encompassing mountains and Arequipa volcanoes. San Lázaro prides itself on having its fashionable person microbrewery, contemporary bistros, and a more than an adequate inventory of popular Arequipa eateries and comfortable bistros.

9. Arequipa Tambo

Arequipa Tambo

In the Arequipa Historical Center District, perhaps the best thing to do in Arequipa is to visit a Tambo. Propositions spaces were beforehand the commercial centers for the Incas in the urban communities and were tracked down along the broad Inca Road arrangement of Qhapac Ñan.

At the point when the Spanish showed up, the Inca tambos were transformed into little connective homes for the Spanish. The murmur of the city appears to vanish behind these walls, and the tranquility of the city dominates.

Spots to Visit in Arequipa and Best Arequipa Tambos

  • Sun based Tambo
  • Matadera

Foodie Things to Do in Arequipa

Perhaps the best thing to do in Arequipa is eating! Find run-of-the-mill Arequipa dishes in the Picanterías, however, there is likewise an exceptionally flourishing present-day food scene. From bottling works, bistros, veggie lover cafés, and ethnic cooking, Arequipa Peru is a food objective!

10. Eat Typical Arequipa Cuisine at a Picantería

One of Arequipa's best resources may simply be its particular food and common dishes. The food here is dissimilar to elsewhere in Peru. A portion of these dishes began in unambiguous regions right inside the city's furthest reaches of Arequipa.

At noon, local people go directly to the Picanterías, where they drink their rendition of chicha. A regular lunch incorporates a generous soup or stew, or a piling everyday extraordinary plate of food.

Picanterias are tied in with mingling. These vivacious trades occur while eating at public tables that are wearing red and white and looking at decorative spreads. The most paramount of encounters happen at noon over a plate of ordinary food when the city is by all accounts resting, yet the Picanterías are especially alive.

Picanterias are dining foundations in Arequipa bound with history, stories, and recipes that have been passed down from one age to another with a red-hot enthusiasm. In Arequipa, the best thing to do is share an extraordinary evening time eating at a Picantería.

11. Investigate the Mercado San Camilo (San Camilo Market)

San Camilo Market

Mercado San Camilo is a bustling Arequipa market with juice stands, a little fish market, novel meat slows down, medication ladies, and produce stands that are heaped high with vittles.

This famous Arequipa market has two levels, and it generally is by all accounts humming, so it's an extraordinary spot to partake in certain individuals watching. Local people rush here to do their everyday shopping, mingle and snatch a fast breakfast or a menu del dia, or commonplace spending plan cordial lunch with two courses. Mercado San Camilo is a magnificent spot to test run-of-the-mill Arequipa dishes from one of the numerous food sellers.

After a feast at the San Camilo Market, attempt an emollient, which is a warm restorative beverage that assists with processing. The area of these little stands is helpfully close to the ways out, and just expense 1 PEN (30 pennies).

12. Find out About the Wines and Pisco of Peru

Right underneath the Mirador de Yanahuara sits a minuscule, yet educational exhibition hall about wines, and obviously, Pisco from Peru. The historical center is authoritatively named Museo Vivencial del Vino y Pisco, yet MUVI is for short.

This little Arequipa museum has point-by-point wine district maps, models of the collecting system, and, surprisingly, a video (in Spanish) that shows an outline of the Peruvian wine-production rehearses.

A lady is working behind the counter that will pour open jugs of wine as tests. There is no tasting trip as of now, yet perhaps with enough individuals visiting, it will be a choice later on.

This Arequipa wine gallery was very instructive. A rapid 20 minutes and speedy drink of wine later caused me to have positive expectations about my wine information in Peru. We should be genuine, it was non-existent before this!

13. Partake in an Arequipa Rooftop Bar

Quite possibly the best thing to do in Arequipa is to appreciate the various volcanoes and piles of Arequipa from a roof bar. These glorious pinnacles, similar to El Misti add a legendary setting for a few pretty mind-blowing nightfalls.

The white structures assimilate these bright exhibitions, just improving the changing shades of the sky. Regardless of the area, consistently make a move to gaze toward the nightfall.

Dusk Rooftop Bar

Dusk Rooftop Bar

Searching for a spot to watch the dusk in Arequipa and taste a Pisco Sour or cold drink? Nightfall Rooftop Bar offers two different evened-out porches, chill music, practically 360° perspectives, and a broad mixed drink menu, for a sensible cost.

Find Sunset Rooftop Bar within Le Foyer Hostel Arequipa on the fourth floor. Open everyday 14:00 - 21:00

14. Try Queso Helado the Famous Arequipa Ice Cream

Queso Helado

Queso Helado is the distinctive average frozen yogurt from Arequipa, and even though it means "chilled cheddar," there is no cheddar in this sweet treat. This conventional frozen yogurt of Arequipa is produced using milk, consolidated milk, coconut, and flavors. There is dependably a trimming of cinnamon sprinkles.

Queso Helado appeared after the Spanish success, because of the way that they acquainted cows and animals with the area. The reference to cheddar comes from the course of really making this frozen yogurt. The coagulated milk falls off in layers, resembling cheddar pieces, which gives this should have Arequipa dessert the name Queso Helado.

15. Taste on a Cold Microbrew

Chelawasi Public House is settled in the popular neighborhood of San Lazaro is a brilliant microbrewery and is quite possibly the best spot in Arequipa to test a few decent blends. The distillery has many gestures to the lager cherishing city of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. See the Pacific Northwest's impact with its paintings and style.

There are a great many specialty brews at Chelawasi Public House and they present some bar grub to coordinate with the turning lager records.

Arequipa Day Trips and Tours

Quite possibly the best thing to do in Arequipa is to investigate the close-by scenes with a road trip or visit.

16. Ruta Del Sillar

Ruta Del Sillar

Recollect how the noteworthy focus of Arequipa is produced using the novel volcanic stone of sillar stones? One of the top half-road trips is to visit one of the quarries where the stones begin from.

Along the Route of Sillar, you'll be able to see a few figures that are produced using the sillar stones. These "mines" were opened late in 2016 to vacationers.

The least demanding method for arriving at the Ruta del Sillar is through a visit, or visit freely by recruiting a cabbie.

17. Colca Canyon Tour

Colca Canyon Tour

The Colca Canyon is an Arequipa must-see objective in South America and perhaps of the most amazing regular milestone in Peru.

There are numerous ways of encountering the well-known Colca Canyon with an entire day visit, a directed Colca Canyon trip, or climbing Colca Canyon without a visit organization. The Colca Canyon is no less than 4.5 hours from Arequipa, so for an entire day visit, be ready to invest a great deal of energy on transport or transport.

One of the most well-known Colca Canyon visits is a multi-day journey with coordinated transport, facilities, and stops at the famous Mirador Cruz del Condor.

Mirador Cruz Del Condor

The Cross of the Condor is a perspective that has quite possibly the best spot in the Canyon to get a brief look at the strong Andean condors. A stop at this post is remembered for ALL Colca Canyon visits. There is generally specialist gathering cash for the Colca Canyon entrance ticket.

18. Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation

Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation

Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation is a rambling high-elevation altiplano scene among Arequipa and Puno (Lake Titicaca). The practically powerful altiplano offers a great chance to get very close to fauna like El Misiti Volcano and creatures like Vicuña, a wild camelid tracked down in Peru. There are north of 150 distinct types of birds that call the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation home.

Be careful that the elevation here in the hold is a lot higher than Arequipa with the absolute bottom being north of 9,000 ft. to the most noteworthy place of Chachani Volcano at 19,872 (6,057 m). The altitude of Arequipa is 7,550 feet (2,300 m).

Aguada Blanca is an enormous water repository where spotting flamingos is conceivable. Throughout the cold weather, a long time between April to December the water from Aguada Blanca Lake dissipates, abandoning salt that is gathered by local people.

Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reservation aren't exactly organized for travelers, so it's ideal to find a neighborhood guide or visit an organization. Nonetheless, the save is turning into a more famous road trip from Arequipa.

19. Climb an Arequipa Volcano

There are two fundamental Arequipa Volcanoes that bold explorers pick to climb, El Misti Volcano and Chachani Volcano. The two highest points are a test and neighborhood guides are fundamental and promptly accessible from Arequipa.

El Misti Volcano

El Misti Volcano

El Misti is pleasantly settled in the scenery of Arequipa. The transcending amazing well of lava sits at a height of 19,101 feet. Courageous climbers will very much want to arrive at the cross that sits along the hole of Misti. It's normally a multi-day trip to climb El Misti and using a neighborhood guide comes enthusiastically suggested. Misti is as yet thought to be a functioning fountain of liquid magma.

Volcán Chachani

Volcán Chachani

On the other hand, Chachani is one more well-known lethargic fountain of liquid magma that can be summited from Arequipa. The spring of gushing lava is viewed as one of the "least demanding 6,000 m" risings since mountaineering gear isn't needed. Notwithstanding, don't allow the elevation to trick you. At very nearly 20,000 ft, Chachani is a test, and climbing with an accomplished aide is energetically suggested.

20. Climb to Capua Waterfall

Capua Waterfall

Capua Waterfall is a well-known road trip from Arequipa. The climbing trail through the chasm can be gotten from a collective ride from Arequipa to Yura. The path is genuinely very much set apart with the finale being the Capua Waterfall. The out and back trail takes around 4 - 5 hours to finish.

Where to Stay in Arequipa

While finding the best activities in Arequipa there is no deficiency of lodgings, Arequipa guesthouses, and Arequipa lodgings to browse. The Historic District is the best spot to remain in Arequipa.

Colca is the deepest canyon in South America, and every year it attracts over 300,000 tourists from around the world. The Colca Canyon can be found at the very heart of Peru's southern Andes mountain range. Check our post on 6 Reasons Why You Should Take a Trip to the Colca Canyon