Hey all, hope you're staying safe and enjoying the start of 2021. I'm Greg, I wanted to welcome and thanks for joining Cheap Flight Alerts! Here’s a quick peek into what we’re all about and what you can expect with our cheap flight deals...

First off, I want to explain that we're not simply another flight comparison site like Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia or Priceline. We do not book flights.

Instead, we notify our members of insanely cheap flight deals, sourced from the vast world wide web, straight to their inbox for airports they wish to receive deals.

What makes us even different from a Scotts or Dollar Flight Club, is that we do allow you to search our deals on our website even without an account.

So basically we save your members and visitors hours in searching for the best flight deal, it's that simple. We do this by monitoring thousands of flights to destinations all around the world and notify you when various routes go so cheap, we just have to publish them and broadcast them to our subscriber base.

To give you an idea of some of the deals we find, here are just a few of the flights our members have been able to grab in recent weeks:

San Francisco to Mexico City at $225 roundtrip San Paulo, Brazil non-stop to San Antonio at $338 roundtrip Los Angeles to Oranjestad, Aruba at $236 roundtrip Boston to Hawaii at $224 roundtrip New York non-stop to London at $237 roundtrip

FAQs - What is the optimal time to book flights? The bottom line fares fluctuate and what people say about "secret" (unannounced) sales, huge price drops, and especially error fares, the fact is it's nearly impossible to predict those. What we do is search the Internet, Social Media and hundreds of newsletters... that's the key, you have to go look everywhere.

The important thing to remember is the speed in which you get these cheap flight alerts. Hence our name. When you're a member you get these deals first, before others drive the prices up. We show you exactly what days you can travel to get the deal price and we recommend you book within an hour of receiving it.

But please do this one thing for me. If you manage to grab a deal and book it from the links we share, please let us know. Share the news on Twitter or Facebook or simply email us at greg@cheapflightalerts.net.

Disclaimer: Deals shared above may or may not be Premium Deals. Right now we are offering our Premium Plus Weekend Membership for about $8 per month. You can't beat this. It includes all International and Domestic cheap flights plus weekend getaway flight deals which you'll love, believe me