SnapTravel is an innovative company that provides hotel deals via text, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger. They advertise the best deals with discounts of 30–50% off for over 1 million hotels. After scouring through hundreds of SnapTravel reviews and trying out the service ourselves, we’ve created this all-inclusive review of the service.

How SnapTravel Works

SnapTravel is free to sign up. To search for hotel deals, you simply enter your desired location and travel dates in the search bar on their homepage. Then, you select which platform you’d like to be messaged on (text, WhatsApp, or Facebook messenger) and search.

They will then send a link to your phone number or messenger app with your deals. Snap Travel hotel deals share the price per night, amenities, and how much the same hotel would cost on (it’s usually cheaper). You can click on each hotel to see pictures, star rating from guest reviews, and more amenities. Additionally, you can filter your search results to include certain amenities you would like.

After your initial message, they will continuously update you with new deals for hotel rooms. This is a great benefit because you can act right away when you’re notified of a deal you like! Instead of remembering to check travel websites every day, you’ll receive text messages with all the updates you need.

Although some Snap Travel reviews get annoyed by all of the new messages, it’s a convenient feature for most people. You can also unsubscribe whenever you’d like.

What Are the Benefits?

In addition to exclusive discounted hotel rates sent through text, SnapTravel advertises 24/7 customer service as a benefit.

As promised, their customer service is top notch. When you receive their messages, you can reply back to chat with an intelligent bot if you have any questions. If they don’t answer your questions, you can simply type “agent” and you will be connected with a live representative.

This is all easily accomplished through text – no need for annoying and time consuming phone calls! They’ve often been compared to an online travel agency due to how helpful their text customer service is.

If you do wish to speak to them through phone due to an emergency, the SnapTravel customer service phone number is 1-877-778-2321. They state the average response time is 5 minutes, but the phone line is only for reservations that are within 24 hours of check-in. They can also be reached through email at (average response time is 30 minutes).

What captured our attention was the free hotel upgrades (subject to availability). This means they will call the hotel for you the morning of your stay to negotiate an upgrade, if possible. Their FAQ states that they can usually negotiate a free upgrade since they have relationships with the hotels.

They also offer price matching! Not only will they match any cheaper price you find for that hotel, but they will discount it by another 10%. You can also get 10% off your first booking when you use a referral code. If you give out your referral code, anyone who books a hotel through it will get 10% off and give you 10% off!

Finally, they provide a 100% guarantee for any hotel you book through them. In a case where you’re unable to check into the hotel with your reservation made on SnapTravel, they will provide a 100% refund and a credit to use.

Are Deals Better Than Competitors?

When we tried out SnapTravel ourselves, the deals were definitely better when compared with hotel booking sites. For example, we searched for hotels in San Diego and there were plenty that were $10+ cheaper than Some were even $50+ cheaper!

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We also checked other hotel reservation deal websites like Orbitz, Priceline, Trivago, Hotwire, and others. Turns out that SnapTravel was the lowest price.

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SnapTravel Reviews & Complaints

Reviews for SnapTravel are all over the place. While many customers have seamlessly completed their reservations and saved money, there are negative experiences as well.

Some people have reached the hotel and were told that they don’t have a booking! This can be very inconvenient and you’ll likely have to pay more at the hotel, or perhaps even find an entirely different place to stay. To avoid this, you’ll want to directly call the hotel to confirm the booking.

The efficient customer service team should be able to handle any issues. However, some Snap Travel complaints mentioned that the customer service started to respond slowly (or not at all) once they needed a refund. With such varying reviews, it’s very hard to tell if you’ll have a positive or negative experience with this company!

A Few Tips if You Decide to Book

Call the hotel before your trip to make sure your booking went through If you want to get loyalty points for hotel chains, let SnapTravel know Compare the rate to other booking websites Read hotel room reviews Read the room descriptions (multiple rooms tend to show up, but the descriptions are different)

SnapTravel for Flights?

If you’re interested in a service like SnapTravel for flights, check out CheapFlightAlerts! Although messenger updates aren’t an option, new flight deals are sent through email and you can also view them on the website.

Many people prefer these email alerts because they’re less intrusive than text messages, but still very convenient for deal updates.

Is Snap Travel a Scam?

Overall, this service is not a scam – they’re simply a more convenient way to stay updated on hotel deals! Plus, their hotel deals are better than their competitors. If not, they’ll price match it and discount it by 10% extra. However, there are quite a few negative SnapTravel reviews that state this service is too good to be true. People have had positive experiences as well. If you do decide to book through SnapTravel, make sure to call the hotel in advance to confirm your booking went through.