Eric and Allisson released a video on their Youtube channel back in May of 2018 about their visit to Manilla. will be featuring our favorite Youtube videos (that cover destinations travel guides, tips and reviews) in a blog post format, like this one, for those of you who'd rather read then watch. Yes there's still a few out there that prefer reading...Let's get to it.

Today we are going to be exploring the capital city of the Philippines... Manila. We are going to show you some of the top things you have to do in this amazing city.

So strap on your Cumbias walking boots and let's go.

The food scene here in the Philippines is insane. So first up we've come to the South SATA market to try some delicious Filipino dishes.

This is Caldereta. It is a delicious beef stew smells so good. Yeah it's good.

This is the Mall of Asia. It is one of the biggest malls in the entire world with over 4 million square feet of retail space and you have to visit it when you come to Manila. Let's go shopping

Anything you want you can find here. So many retail options so many food options you could easily spend a day here and not even come close to seeing it all.

This is Manila Ocean Park. It houses 14,000 underwater critters and don't worry if you don't get a chance to see them all while you're here, you can actually stay the night, because they have a hotel and can live out your ultimate mermaid fantasy.

Seriously they have mermaid classes here.

And of course no trip to Manila is complete without a night out. So we came to the top of the Rizal Park Hotel. They have a rooftop bar that has insane views of the city.

We hope you all enjoyed exploring Manila with us but these things are calling our name we're gonna leave you here good night adventures we'll see on the road.