MEMBER STORY #1: Europe to Thailand

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, it’s always been my dream to get out and see the world. Cheap Flight Alerts finally helped me make that dream a reality!

During my third semester in college, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. Ever since that amazing trip I have been dying to get back on a plane and check out more new places.

Like most people, I thought I couldn’t afford to travel. Cheap Flights Alerts completely turned that around for me. After browsing some of their deals online, I took a chance by signing up for a membership. My last trip was my best yet, and I am so grateful that I found this site.

Through Cheap Flight Alerts, I was able to get from my current home airport in Atlanta to Dublin, Ireland for under $400:

Atlanta to Dublin for under $400USD

The flight was very nice and much cheaper than I could find when searching online by myself.

Booking through Cheap Flight Alerts Compare Page was super easy and I felt confident after reading reviews from other satisfied customers.

From there, I used my membership to snag a half-price hotel deal:

This hotel was impressive for the price. Dublin is not exactly the cheapest place to travel. Being right in the city and getting a deal for almost 50% off was a dream come true. Plus I saved $9 per night from using a site like

I had easy access to public transportation and was able to enjoy delicious pub food and meet friendly locals.

Saved over $9 per night with Premium Plus

Double Standard room $5 more per night on

After 4 days in Dublin, I flew to Bangkok, Thailand for 450 Euros:

Dublin ot Bangkok for $200 less than normal flights

It was a long trip but I have no complaints about the flight. I was nervous going to Thailand because despite all the beautiful natural sights, I don’t speak the language and have read some horror stories from other tourists online. I couldn’t have been happier with my vacation there.

Now here comes the best part. I was able to stay in a beautiful bungalow for just $15/night! A $7/night savings from AGAIN! This adds up when you stay for multiple nights.

Cheap hotels in Bangkok, even cheaper with Cheap Flight Alerts Premium Plus

Saved $6 per night - May not seem like a lot but it is when you stay for 2 weeks!

At first, I couldn’t believe this deal. I thought it might be too good to be true, but with 17 positive reviews, I went for it. This was a life-changing experience. The bungalow had friendly staff and clean rooms. It was easy to get to, right near DonMuang Airport. For $15/night I wasn’t expecting much, but the rooms had air conditioning, TV and wireless internet. Parking was free and a short taxi ride got me to and from the airport in no time.

Signing up for Cheap Flight Alerts was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The $120/year membership fee is well worth it for the savings you can find with just one trip. Without these deals, I never would have been able to afford to see Ireland and Thailand in the same year, never mind in the same week! Not having much experience with international trips, I wasn’t really sure how to get started. Now, I can’t stop thinking about where to go next. Cheap Flight Alerts has made me a travel-addict. I can’t wait to get back online to plan my next opportunity to see the world.


MEMBER STORY #2: Roundtrip from Los Angeles, United States to Denpasar-Bali Island, Indonesia for only $546 USD

Before having kids, my wife and I wanted to take one last trip with just the two of us to see the world. We aren’t exactly strangers to travel. I grew up with parents who regularly brought my sister and I on international trips, including a tour of Europe when I was in middle school and later, a visit to Japan. As an adult, it’s become harder and harder to find the time and money to get on a plane and take a vacation.

My wife and I spent months searching various online flight engines, mainly Expedia and Google Flights. We went back and forth considering lots of different destinations to try to find something we could afford but that would also be a memorable experience. We knew we wanted to go to Asia and see a completely new place. A friend told us about Cheap Flight Alerts and we are forever grateful for the savings that we found.

Cheap Flight Alerts made a dream into a reality for us, without breaking the bank. We are so ecstatic about the deal we landed on this site and are thrilled to share our story with other travelers. Cheap Flight Alerts makes it so easy to visit amazing places without going broke. Through Cheap Flight Alerts, we booked a trip from Los Angeles to an exotic island in Indonesia. The normal price for a ticket from LAX to Denpasar-Bali Island is $1,100. We saved almost 50% with a deal that was only available through Cheap Flight Alerts.

The site is very user-friendly. All we had to do was type in our current city and our destination to unlock several different deals:

Cheap flight LAX to Bali

From here we could view the specifics of each flight and decide on the itinerary that suited our preferences best.

Our trip is scheduled for mid-October and we can’t wait to get on the plane. My wife is a marine biologist, so we are especially looking forward to all the natural marine life exhibits and the Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest. Denpasar-Bali Island is home to a Turtle Conservation Center and actual shark swimming tours. There are gorgeous temples and museums that showcase the island’s rich cultural history. If we have enough time, we hope to visit the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Centre. Although their annual festival is in the summer, it looks like there are outdoor sculptures as well as concerts and events year-round.

With so much to see and do, we know that once we arrive the week is going to go by quickly. The flight we booked is an economy flight but the fact that we can get to Indonesia for such a great deal with no layovers is truly a miracle. Because of our tight work schedules, taking extra time off just to get to our destination is not really an option. Cheap Flight Alerts let us book the trip based on what is important to us- a low price and the shortest amount travel time possible.