Hi, I’m Jenny. I recently joined Cheapflightalerts because I love what the company is doing and I love the people here. My role is going to be blogging about my travel experiences in hopes to offer you insights and tips that you can use on your trips.

Today I’m going to be discussing how to plan your dream backpacking trip using these five tips. Follow my instructions and find out everything you need to know if you’re about to start your trip.

1. Your budget will determine everything

Where you go, how long the trip will take, and the total traveling experience depend on your budget.

Your needs will differ in different parts of the world. If you want to go to Western Europe, you're gonna need a lot more money than in Eastern Europe for the same amount of time.

Therefore, as I said, don't determine how long you can travel for because your budget is going to determine that for you.

2. Decide on where and when you want to go

We all have dreams. If you’re like me, and I want to go everywhere, you should make a list. So, pick a place, one or more - Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, whatever - it's always better to have many places on your list than not enough.

If you want to go during high season, you should know that it's going to be packed. You’ll have to wait in queues for hours, hostels will be rammed, and flight prices will skyrocket.

So, if possible, go during low season.

However, if you are unable to do so, pay attention to your budget - expect to pay more, even at restaurants.

They will increase the prices because it's high season, and the tourists will have no choice since we all have to eat.

3. Don’t overpack

Bring only what you really need; you know that all of that will be carried on your back. I’ll give you some examples.

  • First, you need the right backpack - choose either a convertible roller bag with backpack straps or a smaller backpack with sternum and hip straps.

  • When it comes to clothes, you should pick several shirts (preferably dark-colored), socks and underwear, two pairs of jeans, one pair of longer shorts, a jacket, and something for nights out. You’ll need a pair of sandals for the hostel as well.

  • Pack one quart-sized plastic bag worth of toiletry items - shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and toothpaste - less than 3 ml each.

  • You should also check the voltage information of the electronics you’ll bring to see if they will work in Europe without a converter.

  • Finally, put a guidebook and a travel wallet at the top of the backpack, so that you could find them easier.

4. Don't do too many places at once

I have met numerous travelers who skipped from place to place spending only a day or two in each. From my perspective, I don't feel they really experienced the culture and enjoyed the trip to the fullest.

So, relax, take your time, and absorb the culture. However, you shouldn’t stay too long in one place either because you will get restless.

5. Do your research

My final tip is especially important if you're a first-time traveler or backpacker.

Do your research, find useful information, have a look at the prices and how they fluctuate.

Don't just Google a tour to the Pyramids of Giza and expect the first one to be the price you have to pay. Also, when you get there, feel free to haggle a little and get a better price.

I like to plan and book everything before I leave, and that’s a good thing, but you could miss out on a load of opportunities because of this.

For example, you could meet a really nice group of friends who happen to have their own boat and want to travel through the Greek islands. But you can't go because you're on your way to Croatia; you've already booked everything, and you don't want to waste the money booked ahead. Well, you should think twice.

Be flexible. You know that the best things in life happen unexpectedly.

There you have it. Those are my five backpacking tips to planning your dream trip. Have a great journey and please subscribe to Cheapflightalerts.net to receive mistake airfares and huge discounts up to 60% off normal ticket prices to amazing destinations.