I think of Lima and an immediate sigh emerges in me. Every time I am sent to journalistic coverage of Peru, I quickly emerge flavors, smells, and unforgettable experiences. From Santiago to Lima is a direct, relaxed flight of no more than 3 hours with 30 minutes. It is a short and calm distance that gradually introduces you to the world that for me is the perfect mix: the delicacy of football and gastronomy. Tastes that intersect effortlessly, it is more born with a lot of naturalness.

Entering the Monumental Stadium or entering the National Stadium is to enter the sporting spirit of the Peruvian, the one who loves his selection. Yes, because the Peruvian is passionate, he is suffered by his team, he is a defender of his colors and those qualities are inhaled every time you cross the main door of those beautiful enclosures. I have commented on many meetings between Peru and Chile in beautiful Lima. I must say that I have very good memories of the treatment of the local fan. He is a fan very similar to the Chilean: suffered, sacrificed, and living on dreams. Dreams that always lead you to that fantasy, which is already part of daily life, of being a World Champion. Each process that begins in evidence (place of concentration of the Peruvian National Team) you breathe that smell of triumph that in the end is the engine that makes you build a future.

His times of success are always remembered, the Copa America that looks in his showcases and the range of great players who wore the white shirt with the red band that crosses the chest. Do you remember? César Cueto, Teófilo Cubillas, Héctor Chumpitaz, Franco Navarro, Juan Carlos Oblitas, Hugo Sotil, Nolberto Solano, etc., a man who stomped and left their bell in world football.

Whenever I arrive in Lima my routine is repeated and repeated without feeling guilty about reoffending. Of course, I respect my tastes, and in the "City of Kings" I delight in every delicacy. In the three or four days when I usually stay in the center of the city, the culinary tour takes me to enjoy the fragrance that emerges from a superb chicken pepper. That virtue of mixing a delicately filleted chicken with a sauce that borders on the spicy with a cup of white rice is the conjunction of a perfect dish. The one who has gone to Lima and has not eaten it is, to write it down in his life story, as a cardinal sin. And if it comes to seafood, ceviche can be a great treat. Whatever the choice, you can surely feel the pure taste of each fish or marine species, all mixed with corn or sweet potato, a real delight to the palate.

I also can't fail to mention what I do almost at the end of the trip, I never stop trying a dry lamb. Its pieces of soft meat with its coriander sauce, peas, and chili pepper (for me with less quantity, the flavor is more immaculate), amaze me and there I reaffirm that this country has the best flavors.

As for their pastries, nothing more than congratulating and applauding them. The lemon pie closes any lunch or meal, you will forgive me in other countries, but the most delicate and tasty is the limeño. I am a loyal lover of Peruvian gastronomy, with so many opportunities that my job gives me to walk the world, to arrive and return to Lima is to relax without pause, without fear, and without regrets. A few kilos more in that part of the world is an investment for the body and, above all, for the soul.

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