Between the tremendous Peruvian migration to Chile, my fascination with some books by Vargas Llosa, the film "La Teta Asustada" and my weakness for stuffed potatoes, huancaína sauce, and Nikkei food, I have set myself the goal that my next trip will be to Lima. It also has a beach and any destination that has a beach has that little taste of relaxation that I always require in my life.

The first thing is to think about when. I think the most practical thing in my case as a single and freelance since I have the freedom to work from anywhere and travel when I feel like it, is to go in a time that the rest does not go. Well, it's cheaper and it's not as crowded. That is why I plan to go between October and Novemberwhen there is already better weather but it is not yet summer and therefore, it is not crowded with people. A Peruvian friend tells me to do better in November because the weather is much better than in October.

Where to go

The other thing is where to go. I want to know several places (which I will talk about in the other articles), as well as I, want to enjoy live music (I am addicted to it), more alternative and interesting places for a young adult like me.

Lima Coast

The night (Barranco): It's known to people who know me that I'm a fan of live music, so one of the first things I find out is where to go. The first obligatory place they tell me is that it is a cultural center where all year round and almost every day there are different brands. It has a capacity of about 150 people and they comment that it is the place where I should go. The address is Bolognesi 307, Lima Peru. The phone is +51981128198 and has a website.

Plaza Acho de Rimac: From the book "Mischief of the Bad Girl" I want to walk around. Well, I would like to walk there 60 years ago, when there was the mambo fever and the visit of Pérez Prado revolutionizing Lima in 1951 in that place, but since it is not possible, I want to know him now. What is the oldest bullring in Latin America and even more than several in Spain, owes its name to a Quechua word that means "Elevated site near the coast where the sea is well discovered and in which signs used to be made with fire". I don't like the idea of the bullring, and taking some photos with the view of Cerro San Cristobal in the background (WOW, They have a Cerro San Cristobal like us in Santiago!), also motivates me.

The best Pisco Sour: And well, it must be said that while discussing whether pisco was born in Peru or Chile, I am going to go and look for it in Lima (I have already searched a lot in Chile). They say that Don Eloy Mauri is a bartender who has been preparing this delicacy for 40 years. He's at the Maury Hotel, an iconic bar where they say, I have to go if I want to try what's good. They also say that the Ayahuasca bar is one of the 35 best in the world.

Hotel Maury: Jr Ucayali 201, Cercado Lima. Ayahuasca bar: Avenida Prolongación San Martín, 130 Barranco. Website.

And if I already have a bar, live music, and a place that has a wonderful view (and is linked to the history of international music) I can continue my journey looking for other entertaining things!

Non-stop from Miami, United States to Lima, Peru for only $238 USD roundtrip