Last April I had the opportunity to visit Peru, a country that caught my attention for a long time and in which I had only had the opportunity to be at its airport on a stopover that I had to make on a previous trip.

My original itinerary highlighted Lima, Cuzco, and the mythical Inca city Machu Picchu. One day talking to a friend she recommended I go to Ica and Huacachina, an oasis in the middle of the desert, and the truth is that I did not know what to expect, so I decided to change my plans. Anyway, the intrigue won me over and I decided to leave Lima for Ica by bus. It takes about 4 hours on the way to the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset in Huacachina

There I spent a couple of days touring the vineyards and pisqueras, but what caught my attention was to go to know Huacachina. I honestly thought that my friend exaggerated the idea that it was an oasis, but what was my surprise, that suddenly, when I was approaching Huacachina, I began to see huge dunes.

The taxi is not expensive going from Ica since you only have to travel 5 kilometers, but I highly recommend you to talk from the beginning about the cost of this. He left me next to a hotel and I could only see from there a few palm trees. As I approached them, I saw that this place was an oasis and I found that my friend was right.

Boogie in Huacachina

I was told that it is the only natural oasis on the entire continent and that water previously had healing powers due to its salts.

Boogie and sandboard for its dunes

I spent some time walking around the lagoon and stayed contemplating the large dunes that surround it as they are really impressive. Later, when the heat had dropped, I decided to take a boogie and sandboard tour of its dunes.

The walk in the boogie was the most lively and fun. It's like going on a roller coaster. Between jumps, screams and laughter were one of the funniest moments of my life. While we were touring the dunes, we were able to do sandboarding despite falling thousands of times, eating sand, and making a bit of a fool of me, I had fun like never before and found it something incredible and unique because of the magic of the place.

Sandboard Huacachina

The culmination of that great day was the sunset at the top of a dune watching the sunset on the sandy horizon of that great desert.

Having gone to Huacachina was a gift of life since I can say that it is one of the places where I have had the most fun, what I liked the most and I have enjoyed the most in the world.

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