The natural charms that we can find in Peru are as interesting as they are exotic. Many of them, perhaps overshadowed by the traditionally tourist, keep some of the most important and representative functions of the country's ecosystem. The Paracas National Reserve, located between the districts of Salas and Paracas, within the department of Ica, is one of the clearest examples.

The Paracas National Reserve has an area of 335,000 hectares, 65 percent of marine waters and 35 percent of the mainland (both continental and insular). It is for this reason that it is a Natural Area that protects the most representative samples of the marine-coastal habitats of the entire Peruvian territory.

Paracas Reserve

One of the characteristics that stand out most about this property located 250 kilometers from Lima, is that its main function is to guarantee the conservation of the species, maintaining the different biological cycles of each of the various races that make up the ecosystem of the National Reserve. But in addition to its importance at the natural level, the natural area of Paracas is also consolidated as a fundamental factor in the economy that allows both to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region as well as to strengthen the National System of Natural Areas Protected by the State.

Paracas, a protected area

Another detail, not at all minor, is that the Paracas National Reserve is the only area of marine characteristics that is considered protected in Peru. This is mainly due to the fact that within this territory inhabit species of wild flora and fauna that deserve to be protected. Some examples of marine animals to highlight are Humboldt penguins, flamingos, rays, sardines, sea lions, chitas, sea cats, dolphins, parihuanas, crabs, octopuses, clams, lizards and some exotic birds such as the tendril, the grater, the guanay, the gray gull, the black oystercatcher, the plover, the tendril, the beach pelican, the condor and the red-headed hen, among others.

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Created on September 25, 1975, the Paracas National Reserve is today one of the most recommended natural sites to visit during a trip to Peru. Its tourist interest is demonstrated knowing that there are more than 100 thousand people who enjoy this property annually and that, not only do they take one of the best wild memories of the country but also collaborate with the conservation of the natural resources of the entire territory.